Mongolia Medical Mission: Trip Cancelled

We must unfortunately inform you of our decision to cancel our medical service trip to Mongolia. Due to a miscommunication with the hospital we are working with, Shastin Central Hospital, we recently discovered an adverse scheduling conflict. Another medical service team, Virtue Foundation, will be conducting a large-scale surgery mission at Shastin during the time of our planned trip. Virtue has been providing valuable services to Shastin for years by bringing a large team of doctors and surgeons and providing hundreds of surgeries and trainings. Subsequently, we are not able to execute our planned medical trip, and unfortunately are not able to change the dates.

We will be working with Shastin Hospital after Virtue’s trip to supply them with any needed equipment that we can. We are coordinating with Project C.U.R.E to put together a 40 foot shipping container filled with medical supplies and equipment. Besides providing Shastin Hospital with medical supplies, we are redirecting our efforts by reaching out to hospitals and organizations in Peru, Belize, and Haiti to identify their need for spine care. We are now planning to take our service trip in the spring of 2017 and possibly the fall of 2016.

Please contact us at any time with comments or questions.


Dr. Choi, President, SCI

Cecilia Hanelt, Director, SCI