Announcing 2018 Belize Medical Mission Trip

The Spine Care International team is planning our very first surgical mission trip to Belize in May 2018. Our trip will last approximately one week and we are planning on taking taking a full team of physical therapist, occupational therapist, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses to help provide care. We will also educate the healthcare providers in Belize to care for our patients while we are there and after we have returned to the United States. The Spine Care team is planning on consistently visiting the people of Belize and we are planning on having a very consistent relationship with the healthcare providers at La Loma Luz Adventist hospital.

The Spine Care International Team is happy to announce that the 40 ft. cargo container filled with medical supplies has safely arrived in Belize. The supplies will help the La Loma Luz Adventist Hospital better serve the people in the surrounding communities. These supplies will better equip the hospital for spine surgery services as well as other major medical services. Moving forward, we will be able to provide spine surgery to the people of Satna Elena, Belize. It is our mission to care for the under-served population of Belize by providing spine care services to the people who desperately need it most.

Spine Care International team sends 40 ft. cargo container to Belize.
We are very thankful to work with Project C.U.R.E. team. They are an incredible organization with a very powerful mission and purpose. They have allowed us to completely re-stock the hospital with very basic and necessary supplies that were desperately needed.

Spine Care International team at Project Cure Warehouse in Centennial, CO.

Sorting and packing medical supplies for Belize.

Medical Mission to Belize objectives:

  1. Provide surgical spine operations and medical care to those who are in need and who have limited or no access to it, and/or who cannot afford it.
  2. Equip medical professionals with the education of spine conditions and treatments to function in needy and poorly-resourced conditions.
  3. Educate locals to provide the postoperative medical care so that the community attains a greater degree of self-sufficiency far beyond the actual time we are there.Find more on our website: 


Please stay posted for future updates on the progression of our trip.