Cambodia Medical Mission: Recap

Spine Care International completed its first medical service trip in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

On the day of arrival, the two surgical teams screened over twenty patients to identify surgical candidates. The chosen patients received MRIs and neurosurgery free of charge, thanks to our fundraising efforts. During the one week service trip, ten patients received free spine surgeries from our team.

Surgeries completed: 

  • 1 cervical fusion
  • 4 laminotomies
  • 5 lumbar fusions

Special Thanks to Our Dedicated Team Members

  • Neurosurgeons: Dr. Choi & Dr. Madsen
  • Anesthesiologist: Dr. Miller & Dr. Dillon  
  • Surgical Assistant: Lee Hamby
  • Operating Room Nurse : Linda Peare
  • Scrub Technician: Emily Witt
  • Support Staff: Cheryl Miller, Christine Dillon, Liz Peterson, Mark Rahe, Min Park, Tanner McClure