Meet Spine Care International

Spine Care International (SCI) is a nonprofit organization with a mission to bring spine care to underserved populations.

In his many years of performing spine surgeries, Dr. William Choi has been profoundly impacted by the alarming number of patients that are left untreated due to lack of insurance or financial status.

These experiences inspired him to create SCI as a way to give back to humanity and provide life-changing care to those who may otherwise be constrained to living with chronic pain.

Spine Care International extends its services in the form of free or affordable spinal surgery and care, as well as providing advanced surgical equipment and the necessary training for performing complex spinal surgeries.

We also host training programs and lectures in the places we visit. Our goal is to expand the availability and affordability of spinal procedures for underserved populations. We aim to empower the locals to continue the mission of improving spine care and become autonomous in their spinal treatments.

Dr. Choi trains local neurosurgeons with the updated equipment we provide, and the parallel techniques to improve the quality of spinal treatments.

To address needs on a local basis, we are partnering with Doctors Care, a health care provider which has worked with low-income and uninsured people in the Denver Metro area for 26 years.

We are also working on extending our services to Indian Reservations in the west, specifically Wind River Reservation in Wyoming.

We are grateful for our professional partnerships:

We believe that regardless of our specific religious/political convictions, we all have an obligation to help our neighbors.

The Spine Care International Team


William Choi, MD, FRCSC


Lee Hamby
Founding Member

Leigha Hession

Leigha Hession
Founding Member


Giovanni Rider, BA
Founding Member


Lara Theobald, BS
Founding Member


Kat Hanson
Member, Neuromonitoring Technologist

Bruce Comeaux

Bruce Comeaux
Member, Certified Surgical Technologist


Steven Shannon
Member, Anesthetist


Tami Friend
Member, Registered Nurse

Todd Burmeister SQ

Dr. Todd Burmeister, DO
Member, Anesthesiologist

Marissa Cooper-SQ

Marissa Cooper
Member, Videographer


Karla Yahn
Member, Physical Therapist

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